I took the week off leading up to Thanksgiving, so let’s get some stuff done! I prepped the new floor pan and the tunnel, chassis leg, and bulkhead flanges. Prepping included sanding the painted areas that would receive the plug welds, then priming with weld-thru primer. Where flanges meet the base metal, the top layers is punched or drilled with 1/4” holes. Where possible a hydraulic punch/flange tool makes very short work of this chore. Where that isn’t possible, it’s the old trusty drill.

Much like the passenger side, the floor pan is raised into place with a jack. I then carefully position it and clamp into place. Where metal needs to be drawn closer to the flanges, I’ll either use the floor jack or sheet metal screws. The floor pan welding is time consuming but anytime you’re adding new clean sheet metal it is rewarding. Finishing up the floor pan included welding in the “foot rest” sheet metal panel behind the pedals.

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